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Styles of Horizontal Blinds:

We are proud distributors of:

Fauxwood Horizontal Blind Cord & Ladder Options:

- Standard Ladder
- Routless Privacy Ladder
- 1.5" Privacy Cloth Tape


Operating Control Options:

- Cord Tilt
- Wand Tilt
- 2 on 1 / 3 on 1 Headrail


Valance Options:

- 3.25" Royal Valance (Standard)

​High Profile Head rail System





Baked on enamel to match slat color.  Roll formed steel - 2" wide x 2" high.


Accepts valance clips for all valances.


Bottom Rail:

Fauxwood or steel, closed channel bottom rails available in coordinating colors.

Components compatible with all bottom rails.



                Cord Lift: 

                Universal cord lock to keep blind in open position.  Tape drum and drum supports for even ladder control.  44mm ladders in coordinating colors or 1 1/2" cotton twill tapes in accent colors.


                Cord Tilt: 

                Square, steel tilt rod.  1.8 mm or 2.2 mm cords in coordinating colors.


                Wand Tilt:

                180 degree turn for open and closed blinds in either direction.


Mounting Hardware:

Box brackets for inside or outside mounting, available in coordinating colors.  Center

supports available in zinc or coordinating colors.  Extension brackets and hold down

brackets available.

Size Recommendations:

- Width: minimum 9", maximum 108"

- Length: minimum 9", maximum 126"

Horizontal Blinds by NomiStar


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