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Neolux Dual Shades by NomiStar

Neolux Dual Shades is a contemporary, trendy window covering solution that has grown fast during recent years, not only in Europe and Latin American countries, but also in the United States.


Neolux Dual Shades collection by Vertilux, includes 19 different patterns with a wide range of colors to choose from. This fabric collection features natural looking patterns, decorative metallic, decorative plain, full bodied, texturized fabrics, vinyl fabrics and six Dim Out fabrics when extra privacy is desired.


This embellishing collection is specially suited for Dual Shade applications, providing you with an extraordinarily efficient light management system, which filters and softens daylight while at the same time offering more control of your privacy.

Styles of Dual Shades:

We are proud distributors of:

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