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Light Control & Insulation:

Vertical blind window treatments provide a practical and attractive solution for controlling light and providing insulation in any room. They reflect solar heat and reduce air conditioning costs by minimizing heat transfer passed through windows. Vertical blinds manufactured by NomiStar offer a complete line of solid, perforated, textured, and embossed PVC louver patterns as well as several of the best selling stitch bond fabrics. In addition to a wide array of colors and patterns, a variety of valance and control options are available.

Cord & Chain or Wand Control Options:

Standard vertical blinds louvers are rotated by pulling a beaded chain and are drawn open by pulling on a nylon cord. The wand control system replaces a standard cord and chain control system with a heavy-duty fiberglass wand that rotates the louvers open and closed. In addition the wand unit also moves the louvers along the blind headrail traversing the blind to the open position allowing full view of the outside or closed. This feature provides for added child safety eliminating all cords and chains that could cause strangulation.



    NomiStar Vertical Blind Headrails:

    4 -Prong Pinion Strap System
    Self - Aligning Carriers with Replaceable

    Wheeled Carrier for Smooth Traversing
    Self - Lubricating parts
    Reinforced strap between Carriers

    Vertical blinds headrail options:


Louver Options:

    - Contract PVC ( 22-gauge)
    - Regular Curved  ( 28-gauge)
    - Rib cord Curved ( 28-gauge)
    - Perforated
    - Textured and much more

Vertical blinds by NomiStar

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