Styles of roller shades:

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Sun Control Roller Shades

Solar Screen Fabrics:

Solar screen fabrics are designed to filter out natural light, rather than block it out. These materials effectively reduce heat absorption and prevent heat and cold loss. Solar screen fabrics minimize worker fatigue and eyestrain by effectively reducing the amount of glare on computer monitors. While they provide substantial protection against fading, unlike other forms of window coverings, solar screens also preserve an outside view. Most solar screen fabrics are low maintenance and washable, bacteria resistant, and fire retardant, making them an optimal solution for healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and commercial applications.

Microban Fabrics:

Many of the SheerWeave fabrics used in NomiStar's Sun Control Roller Shades feature Microban certification. Microban antimicrobial protection works continuously for the lifetime of the shade to inhibit the growth of stain-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. SheerWeave fabrics infused with Microban antimicrobial technology are ideal for any commercial or residential environment where microbes are a concern:

- Healthcare

- Hospitality
- Home & Office
- Schools & Institutions

The following fabrics are produced with Microban antimicrobial protection technology:

- SheerWeave 2000 5% & 2100 10%
- SheerWeave 2500 1%, 2410 3%, 2390 5%, & 2360 10%
- SheerWeave 2710 1%, 2703 3%, 2705 5%, & 2710 10%
- SheerWeave 3000 14%
- SheerWeave 4400 3%, 4000 5%, & 4100 10%
- SheerWeave 4800 1%
- SheerWeave 5000
- SheerWeave 7100 (Face of Fabric)



Roller shades by NomiStar


You'll appreciate the way it works. Here's why:
Square fascia affords greater end-user appeal for both commercial and
residential applications
Square Fascia attaches to:
RB361 bracket (R8), 3" (76mm) fascia
RB561 bracket (R16), 3" (76mm) fascia
RB581 bracket (R-24), 4" (100mm) fascia
 Universal end caps work on either the left or right side, no guess work


Two headrail sizes afford greater range of drop length    possibilities and use of thicker fabrics
Quick and easy fabrication/installatio

Sleek look accommodates upscale commercial needs and affords greater residential appeal

Sleek, curved design makes sunscreen fabrics more adaptable to residential use

Intermediate bracket allows two shades in one headrail
Available in five of the most popular colors* (black, white, vanilla, silver/gray, bronze)

We are proud distributors of:


Cassette 80 (for R-3,R-8)
Up to 80 x 120 inch,12 Mil fabric thickness,
1-1/4 inch (32mm)tube
Up to 80 x 90 inch,16 Mil fabric thickness,
1-1/4 inch (32mm)tube
Up to 80 x 60 inch, 22 Mil fabric thickness,
1-1/4 inch (32mm)tube


    * Affords upscale, finished look
    * Sleek, curved design makes sunscreen fabrics more   adaptable to residential use
    * No visible brackets
    * Intermediate bracket allows two shades in one headrail
    * Great for patio doors
    * Fabric insert option
    * Trouble-free performance backed by RollEase's Lifetime clutch warranty

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